ELR has much experience working to improve the communities through private sector development. In 2010, ELR began working with Edgewood Summit, a senior living community located in Charleston, West Virginia to expand their location by building an additional facility. This additional facility was to provide the area with much needed skilled nursing and memory support services.

ELR first performed a site feasibility study, to assess whether or not the project could be conducted in the desired area. ELR performed schematic site design analysis, using their highly skilled surveying services, fully evaluating design and construction alternatives.

ELR was able to provide a full range of services to their client by analyzing the access road, parking facility, and all service areas. ELR evaluated existing utility locations and utility relocation alternatives. ELR assessed retaining wall placement and coordinated geotechnical analysis.

Throughout the project, ELR was continuously communicating and collaborating with Edgewood Summit and all outside organizational key players to effectively move the project forward. ELR sat on several neighborhood meetings to assist the community in fully understanding the details of the expansion and in development of the proposal.

Taking an innovative approach in design and site development, ELR petitioned to change zoning codes from an R4 to an R8 area. ELR’s petition was a success, which allowed greater residential development density and more effective site advancement.