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I-40 Exit 300-319

ELR provided the NCDOT and Summit Design and Engineering
Services with construction inspection staff to perform duties including
but not limited to the following:

  • Asphalt paving oversight, recording, and documenting NCDOT
    and QMS standard specifications while maintaining current
    certification status.
  • Bridge construction and concrete placement installation
    inspections of application, recording, and documenting work
    items throughout the construction process. Girder installation,
    elevation checks, and overall monitoring while maintaining
    current concrete certifications for applied techniques and
    different mixes of approved concrete as per NCDOT.
  • Erosion control measures project wide were inspected for proper
    construction installation and performance using the approved
    plans to assure jurisdictional streams, permitted sites, and any
    sensitive areas are protected using the current regulatory
  • Work Zone Traffic Control supervision of devices installed using
    the approved transportation management plans which are
    checked and inspected. This is to address the safety of both the
    traveling public and construction personnel in the active work
    zones with protection using best industry practices.
I-40 Exit 300-319
I-40 Exit 300-319
I-40 Exit 300-319
I-40 Exit 300-319
I-40 Exit 300-319

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