The project consists of the construction of a approximately 19 miles of water mains, a 136,000 gallon water storage tank, an above ground booster pump station, four pressure reducing stations and replacement of two existing pressure reducing stations. The project will also include the replacement of an existing below grade booster pump with bladder tank with a continuous run booster pump station.

The majority of the project is being funded though the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection – Abandoned Mine Lands Fund. The remaining funds have been obtained through grants and loans provided by the United States Department of Agriculture - Rural Utilities Service.

One challenge encountered during the design was the extreme changes in elevation encountered in the project area and the high pressures encountered in the low lying areas. This problem was resolved by the installation of pressure reducing stations at key locations. The placement of these pressure reducing stations will save the Birch River P.S.D. the cost of installation and maintenance of numerous pressure reducing valves at the residential meters, the cost difference of using PVC pipe instead of ductile iron pipe and the cost of additional water losses caused by extreme pressures.

Nicholas & Clay Counties, West Virginia

Birch River Public Service District