E.L. Robinson completed final construction plans for the Montgomery County Engineer's Office for the replacement of the Ridge Avenue Bridge over the Stillwater River. The project is located north of downtown Dayton and is situated in the historic neighborhood of Riverdale, adjacent to Triangle Park. The existing structure was replaced with a signature style bridge that includes aesthetic treatments to many of the bridge elements, including nighttime lighting of the substructure and beam elements. A plaza area located at the east end of the project is supported by retaining walls, adjacent to the park property, and contains a World War I memorial that is very important to the local community. The preliminary engineering phases of the project included public involvement and production of 3D renderings for the public meetings. As part of the design, the existing horizontal alignment was modified to correct deficient curvature and a turn lane was added on Ridge Avenue. ADA compliant curb ramps were provided and right of way plans were completed. ELR also assisted with the coordination between local agencies for the acquisition and mitigation of park land required to construct the project.

Dayton, Ohio

Montgomery County