Jamal Nusairat, Ph.D., P.E. will be presenting at the 10th annual Geo3T2 Conference in Cary, NC on Wednesday, April 8, 2019. Below is the abstract to his presentation and a link to his slides.

This presentation will cover a case history on the use of drilled shafts to support bridge pier’s loads and to stabilize an active slide at ERI-60-3.100 Bridge in Erie County, Ohio. It was found that a 12-feet diameter shaft with a total length of 80-feet with 40 feet socketed in a good quality rock was required to support each of the bridge piers and to stabilize the slope. The rationale behind using single large diameter drilled shaft per pier will be discussed. The shear stresses induced by the slope movement on the shaft were evaluated. The drilled shafts were heavily reinforced to meet the AASTHO design requirements for shear and bending moment demands. The bridge was constructed in 2002.

Part II of the presentation will discuss on the findings from 17 years of instrumentation monitoring. The effectiveness of the slope mitigation measure will be evaluated based on the instrumentation monitoring data.

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