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Aug 27, 2020Funding Budget Gaps in Times of Need

Funding Budget Gaps in Times of Need detail

Community leaders know what they need to improve conditions in their communities. They know that by investing in infrastructure, tourism, highways, broadband, and economic development, their community will grow. Absent is the knowledge on how to obtain the resources to achieve their goals.

E. L. Robinson Engineering Co. (ELR) stands out as a valuable partner to the leaders of communities and other project professionals. Our reputation is established as the firm that knows the process of obtaining funds from local, state, and federal sources. This is accomplished by knowing what funding agencies work well together to support projects identified by local leaders. ELR provides support by preparing timely preliminary reports, environmental assessments, and assisting with applications. In most instances, preliminary documents are ready before the timeline is established for submission for funding. ELR works with local officials, who guide us to the needs of the communities, to devise a funding strategy to achieve those needs through combining project fund resources. ELR’s staff familiarizes itself with new resources available because of disasters (such as COVID-19) and any new sources of funding offered, to structure a funding package timely.

ELR’s staff and management has a complete understanding of the various regulations governing projects. We can strategically match funding organization resources to fluently obtain funds, funding the total project without regulatory glitches. This is highly important in today’s atmosphere as opportunities emerge without warning to communities who are prepared to react to the agency’s request. Being prepared is critical to obtaining resources. ELR has a reputation for preparing realistic schedules and error-free reports with proper documentation, communicating the needs of communities to funding agencies. This allows your community to have a competitive application to successfully obtain funding for the projects identified.

If you have any more questions regarding this process, ELR would be glad to help. Please reach out to Randall Lewis at

About the Author: Randall Lewis is a Vice President of E.L. Robinson Engineering based out of our Charleston, WV office. Randall has devoted his career to serving the citizens of West Virginia in the development of infrastructure and promotion of economic development. Mr. Lewis has acquired over 30 years of experience and has immeasurable knowledge of state and federal funding programs. His broad experience supports projects that may otherwise be financially infeasible and works to develop practical and cost-effective solutions that allow projects to be funded and constructed in a reasonable timeframe.

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