ELR employees from our Chantilly, VA office have reached out to local hospitals, and put their 3D printers to work to provide Personal Protective Equipment to healthcare workers. Hari Aamidala, ELR VA’s Operations Manager, spent the day working with his two boys to produce ear guards and face masks for hospitals in Virginia and Alabama, where he has family working as physicians. While talking to healthcare workers, Hari and his son Rudra found that even after weeks of fighting COVID-19 on the front lines, some health care workers were not aware that ear guards can help relieve pressure on ears caused by wearing face masks. It is important to reach out to healthcare workers to see if they need ear guards or face masks in order to help them anyway we can.

Hari Aamidala is ELR’s Virginia Operations Manager based out of Chantilly, VA. He is a Structural Engineer who typically works on the design and construction of bridges. As an engineer with years of experience working on bridge repair and rehabilitation projects, he thinks engineers are natural problem solvers. It is not just the design of products, but also the logistics to get materials to create and deliver products. Hari enjoyed spending the day with his two boys showing them how engineers benefit society and the value in giving back to the community.