ELR Cleveland welcomes three new staff members to our group: Jason Stump, Lauren Hedges, and Amy Kalabon!

Mr. Stump currently attends Cleveland State University, pursuing his Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering. He has experience working as a Materials Technician where he pereformed slump tests, tested air concentration, and analyzed compressive strengths of concrete.

Ms. Hedges is a recent graduate and has obtained a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering from Washkewicz College of Engineering. She has conducted research on parapet cracking on bridge decks and used equipment such as rebar locators and ultrasonic pulse velocity meter sensors.

Ms. Kalabon also has a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering and has worked as a Geotechnical Intern where she developed skills in numerous programs such as LPILE V6.0, AutoCAD, Slope W, and GINT V8i. She graduated with a GPA of 4.0!

ELR Columbus welcomes Haijian Fan, who has obtained his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the University of Akron! Mr. Fan has experience in foundation engineering including drilled shafts, shallow foundations, and slope stability. He is also experienced in finite element modeling.

Welcome to ELR!