E.L. Robinson is presenting a three day seminar on Earth Retaining Structures in Columbus, Ohio, on December 3-5, 2013. The seminar will be presented by Mr. Jerry DiMaggio and Dr. Jamal Nusairat. The goal of this course is to provide agencies with state-of-the-practice design tools and construction techniques to expand implementation of safe and cost effective earth retention technologies. This course addresses the selection, design, construction, and performance of earth retaining structures used for support of fills and excavations or cut slopes. Instructors cover factors that affect wall selection, including contracting approaches with an emphasis on required bidding documents for each approach. Class discussions will include design procedures and case histories, demonstrating the selection, design, and performance of various earth retaining structures. Detailed information on subsurface investigation, soil and rock property design parameter selection, lateral earth pressures for wall system design, and load and resistance factor design (LRFD) for retaining walls are provided.


Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe potential applications for Earth Retaining Structures (ERS)
  • Select a technically appropriate and cost-effective ERS
  • Select appropriate material properties, soil design parameters, and earth pressure diagrams
  • Perform design analysis and prepare conceptual designs
  • Review contractor submitted documents
  • Discuss contracting methods
  • Describe construction and inspection activities for ERS