E.L. Robinson Engineering teamed with the joint venture of the Beaver Excavating Company and Mosser Construction, Inc. to develop a Value Engineering Change Proposal (VECP) for the LUC-24-1272 (US 24 over Norfolk Southern Railroad) and LUC 24-1293 (US Route 24 over Ramp D) structures for the LUC-24-6.19 project in District 2. This VECP resulted in a project savings of over $3 million dollars. The VECP included the realignment of Ramp D closer to the Norfolk Southern Railroad. This allowed for the elimination of the 306 foot long precast concrete arch structure over the Norfolk Southern Railroad and the 330 foot long precast concrete arch structure over Ramp D.

The two eliminated structures were replaced with a two span rigid frame/slab structure with a 57 degree +/- skew and average length of approximately 213 feet. The structure was then classified as a buried structure and was no longer classified as a tunnel as it was now less than 300 feet in length. Tunnel lighting was replaced with standard underpass lighting and the fire suppression system and advance tunnel signing was eliminated. A strut and tieback system was provided for the two span structure to provide footing lateral stability thereby permitting the footing size and pile pattern to be reduced.

The main slab reinforcing steel was designed and detailed to be perpendicular to the substructure units. The roadway barrier was designed to be integral with a substantial reinforced concrete edge beam. The two span structure was designed for overloads as applied per the contractor’s earth moving equipment. In addition, the area of mechanically stabilized earth walls was reduced by approximately 21,000 square feet. This VECP resulted in a savings of just over $3 million dollars.

Waterville, OH

Beaver Excavating Company/Mosser Construction – Joint Venture