ELR won two awards this week for the CUY-77-13.80 aka CCG6b project. The first award that was presented by ABCD Central Ohio in the Outstanding New Short Span Bridge category. The second award was presented by Ohio DOT for the 2020 Don Conaway Partnering Award – Honorable Mention ELR and Kokosing Construction.

This project consisted of replacing the structure (CUY-77-1409) carrying Broadway Avenue (SR-14) over IR-77 as well as reconfiguring the ramps from IR-490EB/WB to IR-77SB to provide standard lane width and merge distances. The existing ramp from Broadway Avenue to IR-77SB was reconstructed into Frontage Road to Pershing Avenue. The intersections of Broadway Avenue with Gallup Avenue, Roseville Court and Dille Avenue were reconstructed to match the vertical changes to Broadway and improve curb radii. The mainline lanes of IR-77SB, adjacent to the ramp work, were also resurfaced as part of this project. A multi-use path was constructed along the Frontage Road between Broadway and Pershing Avenues.

A congested urban environment and prescriptive scope requirements required innovative retaining wall designs to minimize conflicts with existing underground utilities. The special retaining wall designs include jet grouting to construct a concrete gravity wall in place with minimal excavation, underpinning an existing retaining wall with jet grouting, and a 23-ft high soldier pile wall with two rows of soldier piles in order to span over a fiber optic duct bank without using ground anchors, which the project scope placed restrictions on using. Working with the contractor and specialty subcontractors, ELR designed the unique retaining walls on a compressed design schedule typical for design-build projects.

The existing 62 degree skew bridge was replaced with a 400’ two-span precast concrete beam semi-integral bridge. The 114”, post-tensioned girders are supported on full height abutments and a cap and column pier and feature prescribed aesthetic elements consistent with the I-77 corridor.

Pictured above is Grant Whittaker, P.E., the lead designer of the bridge presenting at the ABCD Awards and in the video is Project Manager Jason Wise, P.E.