The work on ELR Ohio’s Trabue Road project was recently featured in the Columbus Dispatch. Read below for a project description and a link to the article.

ELR partnered with Franklin County to complete rehabilitation plans for the Trabue Road Bridge over the Norfolk Southern Railroad. As part of the project, a Feasibility Study was completed that included a Bridge Type Study for the Trabue Road bridge over the Norfolk Southern Railroad. The Feasibility Study evaluated alternatives to rehabilitate the existing Trabue Road Bridge, to incorporate a Shared Use Path (SUP) or increased shoulder width for bicycle traffic on the structure. Three alternatives were evaluated and included rehabilitating the existing structure to incorporate widened 5’ shoulders for bicycle traffic, widening the structure to include an 8’ SUP and widening the structure to include a 10’ SUP. Alternatives were analyzed to provide utility impacts, right of way impacts, pedestrian/bicycle impacts, and cost differences. The final design included a widened superstructure that contained 2-4’ shoulders, 2-12’ lanes, and an 8’ SUP separated from vehicular traffic by a concrete barrier. The existing substructure was modified to accommodate the proposed widened superstructure without changing the width of the existing piers.

Read the full article: https://www.dispatch.com/news/20200330/coronavirus...