We are excited to announce the company’s new brand logo and brand statement. ELR worked closely with Mind Merge Design, a professional Strategic Marketing and Design firm, based out of Morgantown, West Virginia to effectively position our firm in the marketplace.

The logo design is composed of a symbol and accompanying typography. The symbol is based on the initials of our founder Edward L. Robinson (ELR). The combination of these letters creates a form that showcases the “above ground” and “below ground” aspects of civil engineering. The upper portion of the symbol merges the letters “E” and “R” to create a structure that resembles a bridge arch highlighting structural and transportation services. The lower portion of the symbol utilizes the letter “L” to represent a pipe, highlighting E.L. Robinson Engineering’s infrastructure services.

Our new brand statement “Established Experience. Proven Performance” has been carefully chosen to accurately reflect the components that make E.L. Robinson Engineering a true leader in the civil engineering field – our people, and our proven track record. E.L. Robinson Engineering has acquired a staff of over 100 full time, experienced professional engineers, surveyors, geologists, and landscape architects who have attained the knowledge and experience to successfully produce innovative and timely solutions. We pair this experience with a solid reputation for designing creative civil engineering work, continually exceeding performance standards set in the civil engineering industry.