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Vice President, Lead Structural Engineer


Mr. Engel has spent the past 18 years managing the engineering work performed by E.L. Robinson Engineering. Prior to joining E.L. Robinson Engineering, Mr. Engel served with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) for over 29 years. As the Administrator for the Office of Structural Engineering for two years, he represented the Department as the State Bridge Engineer.

Mr. Engel also served as the Assistant Administrator for the Office of Structural Engineering for 10 years where he had managing oversight of the Preliminary & Detail Design plan review process, which included a tremendously wide range of engineering projects. Mr. Engel has worked on over 2,000 bridge and retaining wall projects during his career with ODOT.

Mr. Engel was the Project Manager for 25 geotechnical research efforts and has participated in numerous special assignments involving Value Engineering, Design/Build, Scope Preparation, Specification and Product Evaluations. Prior to being appointed as Assistant Administrator, Mr. Engel was ODOT’s Chief Geotechnical Structural Foundation Engineer. Mr. Engel is responsible for initially developing many of the present Geotechnical polices currently used by ODOT.

  • B.S. Civil Engineering, Tri-State College, 1971