We are a Full Service Firm

E.L. Robinson (ELR) Engineering has been providing its clients with quality products and superior service since 1978. Our staff combines state-of-the-art technology, experienced professionals and innovative methods as a solution to our clients' most difficult challenges.

Oil & Natural Gas

The Oil & Natural Gas industry is an extremely fast paced and demanding field. Our company has the unique expertise and experience to meet the needs of clients within the Marcellus Shale and Utica Shale formations. The following services demonstrate E.L. Robinson Engineering's vast capabilities in this growing market.

Desktop Designs

These are designed to enable the client to quickly determine the appropriate routing of a pipeline or other facilities. This study reviews the suggested route and looks at all the terrain, county maps, wetland and cultural resources maps, federal lands and other overlays in order to minimize the overall effects and permitting requirements needed for a project. These are usually followed by a field review to ensure accuracy.

Facility Drawings

These can range from pipeline drawings, alignment sheets with marked areas of concern, access roads, property owners, wetland and cultural resource areas, federal lands, to complex drawing such as M&R facilities and Compressor stations.

Alignment sheets

These are primarily used for construction activities and can have all the items listed under drawings. As many or as few as the client needs.

Constructability Reviews

A combination of designs and field verifications and modifications to drawings to what is found in the field such as class location areas or changes from the mapping utilized.


Permitting can require detailed work depending upon the permit type. Permits can range from wetlands, cultural resource areas, access roads, road crossings – open cut and bores, directional drills and any other permits that may be required to construct a facility.

Meeting DOT Requirements

The federal government requires that pipelines meet certain requirements during, and after construction. We are experts on what is needed for compliance and can incorporate this into project designs as well as maintenance plans for the client.

Field verification of designs

Field verification of designs is very important to ensure that all aspects of constructability are determined and verified and enable changes to be made to the actual designs to account for these changes.

Right of Way Surveying

This is an important step in the construction of a facility. Surveying allows for the elevation profiles as well as right of way widths and location of facilities to enable construction activities ample room to work. Surveying can be preliminary to detailed as needed by the client.

Measurement and Regulation Designs

These designs enable the client to ensure that their requirements are being as well as the DOT requirements. These designs can be in 2-D or 3-D.

Construction Inspection

Is a very important part of any construction project. Accurate inspection ensures that the contractor is performing the work up to the client’s standards as well as DOT requirements. We have a full staff of inspectors that are operator qualified to perform inspection work thoroughly and effectively for you.

Directional Drilling Designs

As with any construction project there is the possibility that directional drilling is required in certain places that cannot be avoided. We are set up to handle all your directional drilling design needs and have the capability and resources to deliver accurate drawings and specifications as well as oversight to ensure that the directional drilling is completed correctly.

Conventional Bore Designs

We can provide permitting and designs to enable the client to successfully bore roads, railroads and other locations where bores are needed and required. We can provide accurate drawings for the contractor to follow and provide oversight to ensure that these are done correctly.

Pipeline Sizing

As part of our service we can determine what piping needs will be required for your deliverability. As part of this we will provide all calculations and specify information to ensure that the right size pipe is installed to meet your needs and for future expansion if needed.

Compressor Station Designs

We can provide all designs for compressor stations to meet the deliverability needs of your system and to allow for future expansion if needed. We can design from skid mounted units up to full compressor systems with buildings and all electrical and automation needs. The system will be evaluated and all controls calibrated for your specific system and commissioning as part of the overall design function.

Cathodic Protection Designs, Upgrades, Surveying, Data Reviews, and Remediation

If cathodic protection is needed, we are experts in this field and can design complete systems, modify existing systems and provide testing, close interval surveys, data review for DOT compliance to ensure that the federal requirements are met and that your facilities are protected. We can provide detailed drawings with all cathodic protection facilities located on maps for convenience and for locating facilities for maintenance activities.

Integrity Management

Integrity management is new to some clients and some clients are already doing integrity management and others are just starting. We can provide a complete package for you that include maps, class locations, maintenance plans, policy development, and review of your existing plans to ensure that DOT requirements are met for transmission facilities, gathering facilities and distribution facilities.

Site Development and Design

At E.L. Robinson Engineering we have a full staff of engineers, surveyors, landscape architects, and geologists who are dedicated to successful and safe site development for natural gas production in the Marcellus Shale.

As a proven leader in civil engineering we have extensive experience working among the challenging mountainous terrain in and around West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky. Our knowledge of the area’s topography enables us to complete site development and design efficiently, integrating appropriate access road design, rig pad design, pipeline and waterline layout, geotechnical analysis, and water management systems.

Pipeline and Waterlines

We have years of experience designing waterlines and pipelines, services which are necessary in the transportation of water and the drilling of Marcellus Shale. Water is typically transported to drilling locations for storage prior to use in tanks, impoundments, and temporary water lines. Once water is on site, pipelines are used for hydraulic fracturing. Well-planned pipeline and waterline designs are necessary for the timely drilling and extraction of natural gas from Marcellus Shale.

Roadway, Right of Way, Access Road Design

E.L. Robinson Engineering offers a full range of site development and design services to the oil and natural gas industry, including roadway, right of way, and access road design. Accessibility is key in this fast moving industry and ELR can be trusted in designing convenient, functional access roads to designated drill sites.

Rig Pad Design

E.L. Robinson Engineering provides rig pad design to the oil and natural gas industry. The rig pads designed by ELR include optimal well placement and maximize the operational efficiency of the drill site. A solid history of civil engineering expertise reinforces ELR’s functional rig pad designs.