Proven Performance.

E.L. Robinson Engineering has continually adapted and expanded its skill set to best serve and improve the communities in which we work and live. The following highlighted and sample projects provide a very small glimpse at what ELR has accomplished over the past 35 years in the civil engineering field.

Williamson Streetscapes and City Hall Upgrades

Location: Williamson, West Virginia

Client: City of Williamson

Cost: $350,000

Completion date: May, 2012


  • Land Planning & Landscape Architecture


  • Public Infrastructure

E.L. Robinson was retained to enhance the streetscape image of Harvey Street, the major north/south corridor in downtown. Building on the qualities of the bridge architecture, the flood wall graphics, and Second Avenue’s streetscape, ELR’s team working with the Williamson Redevelopment Authority developed a master plan and the first phase of construction documents for the Harvey Street Streetscape.

The design entails reestablishing safe accessible routes along the street for all pedestrians, adding new sidewalk where desirable and enhancement of the existing ones with new brick accent pavement, crosswalks, and limited landscape plantings and street trees. A pedestrian plaza at the municipal parking lot on Third Avenue allows users a space outside their car in a safe shaded environment. 

Streetlights matching the existing streetlights on Second Avenue will be placed along Harvey Street eliminating overhead utility lines and the light poles will be outfitted with seasonal banners, flags and light strands.
ELR was also then contracted to provide the exterior updates to the Williamson City Hall allowing it to become ADA compliant. By providing the three main entrances to the building with handicap accessible ramps, repairing several sections of sidewalk and developing adequate handicap parking for the structure the city hall will then meet ADA standard. 
The improvements to the three main entrances provide an open 3’ handicap ramp along with the adequate 5’ wide platform at the top of each ramp. A railing is provided on each side for safety and follows the guidelines set by the Department of Justice. 
New sections on sidewalk are to be replaced fixing issues such as cracking and weathered deterioration that has taken place over time. Also this will correct any uneven pavement and provide the correct 2% cross slope for proper rain water drainage.
Also three handicap parking spaces will be added to the current lot along with the appropriate curb ramps to the provide easy access to the sidewalk. The parking lot is currently an uneven pavement of brick that will be corrected with asphalt to allow for an even surface.